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Nanotechnology Material Business

So-called nanotechnology attracting attention from the industry, as is generally known. Even technology basic plan is taken up as an object in Japan for Cabinet Office Council for Science and Technology Policy announcement third period.
For the new development including the field of resin, film which we were engaged in and electronic materials, We have started the handling nanotech products by BTCORP GENERIQUE NANO PRIVATE LIMITED company (India) to support this trend.
Graphene is a material with specific functionality found for development of products including toughness, the conductivity in the future. We deal with graphene, Graphene master batch, GO, graphene ink and the carbon nanotube and support the advanced technology development of all of you.

Products Introduction

  • GrapheneTechnical, Industrial, Anaritical grade
  • Purity 96-99%
    Thickness ~3-6nm
    Surface Area 323-600 m²/g
    Diameter 10-20 Micron
  • GOThermal Countermeasure
  • Purity > 99%
    Thickness 0.8-1.6nm
    Surface Area 500 m²/g
    Number of Layers Average 1-2
  • Grapnene Master batchEnhaunce Hardness
  • Basis Polymer PP, PA6, PS, LHDPE
  • CNT
  • Purity > 97%
    Diameter Av. Outer Diameter: 20nm
    Av. Inside Diameter: 16nm
    Surface Area 189 m²/g
    Length ~20 μm

Product List

Bottom Up Technologies Corporation
  • Graphene[Industrial]
  • Graphene Oxide[Industrial]
  • Reduced Graphene Oxide
  • Functional Graphene-Carboxyl Group
  • Functional Graphene-Hydroxyl Group
  • Functional Graphene-Phosphate Group
  • Functional Graphene-Amine Group
  • Graphene Ink
  • Multi walled Carbon Nano Tube
  • Functional MWCNT-Carboxyl Group
  • Functional MWCNT-Hydroxyl Group
  • Functional MWCNT-Amine Group
  • PP Graphene Masterbatch
  • PS Graphene Masterbatch
  • Polycarbonate Graphene Masterbatch
  • Nylone Graphene Masterbatch

Case Examples of Materials

  • レアメタル

    Rare Metal

    It can be substituted for rare metal (indium etc) indispensable for touch panel, flat panel television, solar cell and so on.

  • 電池材料

    Battery Material

    It is possible to increase the capacity of the lithium ion secondary battery.

  • 軽量強化プラスチック

    Light Weight Reinforced Plastic

    By adding small quantity to plastic or carbon fiber composite material, it is possible to make lighter and stronger materials.

  • スポーツ用品

    Sports Gear

    Improving performance for golf balls or other sports gear.

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