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Corporate Social Responsibility

K.SAKAI shall respect and strongly commit itself to the following CSR principles and strive towards social responsibility.

We shall comply with all applicable laws and relevant regulations in all countries and regions where we conduct business.
Contribution to Society
We shall engage in community activities and aim to make proactive contributions to society.
Global Environmental Protection
We shall fulfill our social responsibility of environmental protection and seek to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities.
Quality and Safety
We shall ensure the safety and high quality of our products and services.
Respect for Human Rights
We shall respect human rights in our business practice in all countries and cultures.
Transparent Management
We shall disclose corporate information to shareholders, employees, and customers in a prompt and timely manner.
Exclusion of Anti-society Forces
We shall definitely exclude any anti-society forces that threaten to disrupt the order and safety of civil society from business and other related issues.
Security of Information and Intellectual Property Right
We shall be responsible for safeguarding confidential information and not disclose it to others without due reason, and shall strive to protect corporate intellectual property rights, and shall not violate the rights of others.


K. SAKAI Environmental Charter

Basic Principle on the Environment
The K. SAKAI Group recognizes care for the global environment as an important management issue and is committed to help bring about a sustainable society through the combined efforts of all of its members in all business operations.
Basic Policy on the Environment
  1. Compliance
    Comply with local and global environmental rules and regulations, establish the necessary self-imposed standards for meeting regulatory requirements and improve the level of management.
  2. Contribution to environment protection through business activities
    Contribute to society by supplying the market with life cycle oriented products and services. Establish an effectively functioning management system, implement environmental policy, set environmental objectives and carry them out, as well as aim to reduce the environmental burden on a continuous basis.
  3. Announcement and Opening to the public of Environmental policy
    Edify all members in our business operations of the environmental policy and open it to the public.


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