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Privacy Policy

  1. With regard to personal information provided to K. SAKAI & CO., LTD. by visitors to this web site, we follow a policy of respecting and protecting the right to privacy of all visitiors. We do comply with all relevant laws and regulations applicable within Japan.
  2. For the purpose of responding to your inquiry, we may request such personal information as your name and contact information throughout this web side. Please understand that you have the sole option to disclose such information. We never use such information for any other purposes.
  3. In order to safely handle your personal information, we make efforts to maintain and improve the level of our information security. We manage your information strictly avoiding its disclosure to any third party without your permission.
  4. Please understand that there is a risk of disclosure of information to a third party for reasons attributable to the nature of the Internet/e-mail in regard to sending or receiving information. This web site has links. When using or following a link, please separately confirm how your information should be handled on the other side of the link.
  5. We may collect such information as the IP address that is used by your computer, access status or access conditions. We intend to use such information for the sake of prevention of improper access, determination of mechanical reasons for server problems, safe and smooth operation or maintenance of this web site, and other service improvement purposes. We never use or disclose such information in direct association with your personal information.
  6. Your understanding of this "Privacy Policy" is very important for us. Please contuct us through "Contact" above if you have any opinion or question about it. You can also do the same when you want a review or make other requests about your personal data. We will handle them as promptly as possible in proper manner.

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