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K.SAKAI is exporting wide range of Plastic Products from General Purpose Resins to Engineering Plastics Resins. Those are used for various applications such as Home appliances, Automobiles and Electronic materials. We also handle Plastic Sheets, Films and Modifiers in cooperation with representative Japanese manufacturers.

Main Products

  • Resins
    PS, ABS(For Alloy), PMMA, PES, LCP, etc.
  • Sheets
  • Films
    Acrylic, Polycarbonate, etc.
  • Modifier
    PTFE(Lubricant use), ABS
  • Carbon Fiber

Optical Films

K.SAKAI is exporting Japanese high-quality optical films to all over the world. Those films are used for LCD monitors, Touch panel devices and Touch panel screen, etc. We are pleased to offer you various type of our films and support improvement of your product.

Anti Reflection Film

Anti-Reflection Film can reduce the reflection of the lights on the screen.
We can provide two types of AR film which is based on PET and TAC.

Specifications -- PET TAC
Light Transmittance 93% 94.9%
Haze 0.7% 0.4%
Minimum Reflectance 0.35% 1.25%
Pencil Hardness 2H 2H
Applications - LCD monitor
- Touch Panel Devices
- Touch Panel Screen

Clear Hard Coat Film

Clear-Hard-Coat Film can be used for the production of ITO Film.
Also, it is widely used for a protection of screen, such as PC monitor, Smartphone.

Substrate PET
Specifications Total Light Transmittance : 91.5%
Haze : < 0.5 %
Pencil Hardness : 3H (Front side) and H (Rear side)
Applications - Flat Panel Display (Touch Screen)
- ITO film

Diffuser Film

Diffuser film makes Light/Brightness uniform.
We can offer you the best specification for your application. Also various size/thickness are available.

Substrate PET
Specifications Various Haze/ Light Transmittance available
Applications - LCD backlight
- Room Lighting

EMI Shielding film

We can provide Cu photo-etched mesh film.
Both Roll form and Sheet form are available.

Substrate PET
Specifications -Surface resistance < 0.1Ω/□
-Total light transmittance > 80%
(Depending on Cu line width and pitch)
Applications - PDP filter
- LCD monitors (Medical Use, etc.)

Transparent Conductive Film

We can provide various types of conductive films, such as ITO or Cu sputter-deposition. The production method "Photolithography" gives them Design Flexibility.

Substrate PET
Features - High light transmittance
- Thinner line width
- Design flexibility (Size Up to 84" available)
Applications - Touch screen sensor film
- Transparent heating film
- Antena - Film encoder




Company Profile

【Osaka Head Office】

9F Midosuji Honmachi Building,
3-5-7 Honmachi,
Chuo-Ku, Osaka, 541-0053 Japan
(Chemical Department)
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【Tokyo Branch】

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3-25-10 Hatchobori,
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